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Ourworld | How to Be Pregnant

Ok so first of all, this is a joke so don’t take it seriously people.

All of the family oriented female ourworlders out there! Do you wanna be pregnant on ourworld? Alright here is a short guide for that.

  • Well you need a partner cause you don’t wanna raise the kid alone! WHO’S GONNA PAY FOR THEIR COLLEGE?
  • Make your avatar look a bit fatter than before.
  • Buy these 5 dresses to fake a big belly:
    • Polka-dot party dress (available on the store):
    • Honey party dress (available on the store):image
    • Rose amore dress (Valentine 2012):image
    • Life of the party dress (winter 2014):
    • Lovely lattice dress (Easter 2014):image
  • Always try to sit than standing up, act like you have back pain! xD
  • You can give birth after a week, it’s ourworld! Anything is possible!
  • Adopt a kid so you can tell people that’s who you were pregnant with. [They should wear baby accessories which are available at the store.]
  • Decorate a room or a part of your room for the baby.
  • Have a baby shower/after birth party so you can get gifts! xD [just an advice: create the event right after the gem codes are out! LMAO]

That’s pretty much it! Go play and make ourworld more fun~

Niloo Wonka

Hey I'm Niloo. I'm an interior design college student and I have an addiction to chocolate and video games. Feel free to contact me on my social media any time. ;] P.S: I don't post on OGC anymore.

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