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ourWorld Gem Codes: June 10th – June 17th

Facebook Gem Code - purple


Toolbar Gem Code - green

Not available yet

Monthly Gem Code - darker blue



Monthly Newsletter!

Click on the image for a closer look! :)

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Features now available:

Rainbow Mystery Box 2013

New Login Screen

And, just like last year, get ready for the Niccolo’s Summer Contest!

Submit your drawing of the ultimate ourWorld summer item and WIN Gems!

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Did you miss me? You totes missed me. I hope you did.. I missed me. But really did or have you did you do you? Hmm? Did you have you had you have you been missing me? Or missed you me miss, missed miss missing... Miss, missed you me missing? Because missing misses are missed by missed missings. ####whatthehellomghashtags

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