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Game of the Week: Death House

death house

Okay, so I decided to put off the game I WAS going to do today because I got several requests for this one. (I also got several for Touch the Bubbles 3, which… Guys, I’ve already done that one. See? http://www.ourgemcodes.com/2013/04/02/touch-the-bubbles-game/)

This week’s game is one of ourWorld’s more beloved games. Flash gamers worldwide are called to the Death House in this hilarious and slightly sadistic Puzzle Game, suggested by | SIN | and sd211999, as well as my sister Thunder Eyed (she was like, Hey Emily, you should do Death House. And yes, Thunder Eyed is a twist on my name.) to blow up a house full of evil puppets… that hate flash games!

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ NO MY FLASH GAMES!

Back to the point here… Cammie also has a series of challenges, where you can win Flow, badges, and Music Boxes. Make sure you watch the introduction to this game as well (and have your sound on) because it’s hilarious. (If you want to hear more of that guy’s silly accent, he also does the intro for Birdish Petroleum.)

This game is laptop friendly, but it’s picky about where you aim to kill the puppets. Steady now…

Here are some tips:

  • Look for environmental features that can kill the puppets, i.e. steam vents, sparking wires, dynamite, etc. Some may require some interacton to start up, but this way you won’t be wasting your weapons.
  • Bombs, if you don’t have to use them to kill the puppets, also give them a good scare. Drop a bomb on one side of a group of puppets if you want them to run the other way.
  • Watch out for puppets that suddenly like to change direction, and try to push them in a favorable direction if possible using mice, bombs, etc.
  • Unless there are only two doors in a level, they usually have some kind of messed up in-out pattern- a puppet will go in the same door and come out a different one.
  • Use trapdoors to keep puppets in place. In the case that you have no trapdoors, use frozen puppets.

Go and avenge the world of flash games! ‘Til next Tuesday!

Thanks this week to the three who suggested this game as well as emeth and xCloudies Carlyx for suggesting games, even if I’ve already done those games… *hugs all those people* If you have a suggestion, shoot me a comment, a message, or a letter by owl post- all suggestions will eventually be taken so long as I receive them. Eventually. This week I’m giving away virtual waffles! Everyone loves waffles, right? Also, I’m making a new author banner soon, so if anyone wants to suggest something for that to me, feel free. (Or if they want to make one?)

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