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Here are 10 EASY ways players earn FREE HIGHRISE GOLD

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There’s an estimated 5 million registered users on HighRise and growing. And with such immense growth, there’s no denying the in-game economy has skyrocketed. Players who registered in 2015 are reaping the rewards from owning older items that sell for tens of thousands of Gold.

It’s safe to say the economy is strong for those looking to make some gold. Thanks to players offering art commissions, contests, and, sometimes, the general laziness from people who’d rather spend real money on Gold rather than earning Gold.

If you’re like us and have the problem of being IRL broke; then this post will help you. There are plenty of ways of earning quick HighRise Gold without the need to spend money. Here’s how.

#10 – Do the Daily Tasks for SkyPass

SkyPass rewards give you daily tasks for points. Once you collect enough points, you can earn exclusive items. You don’t necessarily need to spend money to become a SkyPass+, either. Simply do the rewards for the free items and sell them for gold.

Pro-Tip: You can purchase some of the epic items from the SkyPass+ Rewards on the BlackMarket and they’re usually posted for under 1,000 Gold. It’s very unlikely these items will lose their value.

If you want the SkyPass+ for life, you can purchase a HighRise NFT from ImmutableX. By connecting your account to an Ethereum wallet and owning an NFT; you will get SkyPass+ forever and other incentives. It could be worth it if you’re willing to fork up some cash.

#9 – Trade

The materialism in HighRise, whether digital or not, is driven by players trading items. Some items are worth more than other items which we’ll be posting about in the near future along with different trading strategies to accumulate wealth in-game.

If you’re just starting out and have some items; the best strategy is to simply befriend players who have been playing HighRise for awhile. One con that works often is to have a friend bully you in front of high-level players for being “too-poor” to afford anything. You’ll be surprised at how many generous players will give you Gold or items simply because you’re new to the game.

Once you have some decent items, start trading them for better items. Search hashtags within HighRise to find the true value of items and use the storefront along with the BlackMarket to sell your items. Again, in the future, I will make an entire post on different trading strategies that work in HighRise.

#8 – Spin and Watch ads

If you play HighRise everyday, you can watch ads for free HighRise Gold. It’s time consuming and boring but there are ways to automate this task.

First, download something called BlueStacks 5. This is a mobile emulated for PC’s. Once it’s installed, download HighRise and sign into your account. Within BlueStacks is a tool called “macro” which can automate tasks on your computer. For example, you can create a macro for HighRise that you can run everyday that will watch all the ads for you. Once one ad is done, it will move onto the next ad. You won’t need to do anything and you’ll get free bubbles, free gold, and free spin tokens for doing nothing!

#7 – Scam (Don’t actually do this)

Believe it or not; scams are a huge part of any economy. There are plenty of people who have no problem scamming other people out of items or money. It’s wrong.

From players pretending to fall in “love” with another player to gain access to their account, or simply promising to give you gold for your password; there are all kinds of scams. And trust me, I’ve seen A LOT. I might even do an entire post telling you how people scam so scams won’t happen to you.

#6 – Sell your Social Media

HighRise is almost treated like a teen dating game. Albeit, all the people who say otherwise. Let’s face it: people started playing HighRise because they were bored and, perhaps, even lonely. Then after some time, players found themselves forming real connections with other HighRise Players.

If someone wants to get to know you better, simply offer them your social media for Gold. It might not seem like people would pay for something like this but you’d be surprised.

And dare I say it; some people have even gone as far as to selling their OnlyFans in HighRise. Of course, you don’t need to post any provocative pictures. All you need is a willing person who wants a little companionship. And besides, how funny would it be if someone did pay for your OnlyFans only to find a pixelated version of your HighRise Avatar?

#5 – Art Commissions

Credit: @ZoyaPie

There are plenty of artists on HighRise who will draw your avatar for Gold. This is great for people who are working on becoming artists or want to someday make a game of their own.

In fact, HighRise allows users to submit item ideas that they will actually use in-game. It’s kind of cool. And supposedly, if your item-suggestions are accepted and your items become a featured grab. Then you will earn a portion of every person who spins for that featured grab. Sounds lucrative.

#4 – Join a Crew

By joining a crew like mine called PandaGang, you can help us earn tickets in events and we even run contests for all our crew members. The best part, players in our crew buy gold which earns us boxes that we can open for more items!

Players who are part of a good crew will have members who purchase Gold for cash. And any member within that crew will earn a “crew box” that will contain even more Gold. It’s a free and fast way to earn Gold within HighRise.

The best thing to do to find a good crew that will want you is to event hard. The more tickets you earn then the higher chance you’ll have into being accepted into a decent crew. Take screenshots of your tickets earned after each event. This information is valuable to crew owners.

#3 – Do HighRise Contests

Credit: @xGabe

Someone on HighRise is always running a contest or giveaway of some sort. All you’ll need to do is search #free or #contest. When I say A LOT of people run contests, I mean thousands of people per day.

I’m sure you see trending users on the homepage all the time. All the trending users run contests because the algorithm within HighRise only awards players by the amount of likes and comments they get on posts. Which is why you can win contests pretty easily simply by commenting and it doesn’t take long at all.

#2 – Provide a service

Advertise in your about that you’re willing to work for Gold. Sounds strange, but here are some thoughtful ideas. People can pay you Gold to advertise on your profile. Or, have people pay you Gold to be their pretend boyfriend or girlfriend. Or, you can do shoutouts on TikTok and whatnot for HighRise gold. The possibilities are endless.

#1 – Be well connected with the Elite

Credit: @MaryPie

Sometimes, being friends with the right people helps. By right, we mean generous. And there are plenty of generous givers on HighRise. You just need to meet them!  In fact, I’m pretty generous sometimes. But you’ll really need to follow me on all my social networks and message me if you want a gift!

My username is @DonnyPie

And that’s it.  Hopefully this post helps you achieve your dream item within HighRise because earning HighRise Gold really isn’t too hard. In fact, sometimes just asking people to gift you works most of the time.

There’s this quote I like. It goes like this, “Too many people spend money they earned; to buy things they don’t want; to impress people that they don’t like.”  This is HighRise in a nutshell. It’s crazy.

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