ourGemCodes will blog about Discord because it’s better than Skype, Raptr,, and Slack

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[wpsm_dropcap]D[/wpsm_dropcap]iscord has become the new social network for small communities of games, art, music, blogs, fandoms, and so much more.  Discord is, clearly, one of the best tools for socializing in games in comparison to its competitors like Skype, Raptr,, and Slack.  Discord is becoming increasingly popular and now ourGemCodes will blog about it.

ourGemCodes, a rewards blog releasing codes, uses Discord to coordinate our growing community.  We’re not the only website who uses Discord.  Other communities are embracing Discord simply for usability.  Discord is free.  It cost nothing.  And I find myself checking Discord more often than Twitter or any other site.

Discord combines several features that make it truly unique and an enjoyable experience.  Discord has Reddit-like categories separated by #hashtag, voice chat, permissions, bots, and customizations like emojis.  Discord separates itself from game-specific communities like Raptr,, or Razer Comms because it’s more usable and allows anyone to create a server.  Discord isn’t game-exclusive either.  Discord is for any community.  And while some people have used Skype, Slack, and Hangouts to communicate; Discord combines all these chatting tools into one complete experience.

The great thing about Discord is you can make webhooks using RSS feeds to display posts from Twitter, blogs, facebook pages, and more.   ourGemCodes is continually creating more news channels with different RSS feeds so you won’t have to visit 100 different blogs anymore.  Everything you want can be seen in one convenient place.

Discord is like your own bubble where people come together and form communities.  It’s more exclusive and even connects to Patreon where you can give Discord incentives for paying monthly.  Admins have complete control over what happens in a Discord server.  And we’re going to see an influx of users very soon.

Over the next several months, you will see frequent posts regarding Discord along with tutorials.  Discord is ourGemCodes new home!

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