POLL: ourWorld is dying! What can FlowPlay do to attract more users?

ourWorld is so fun :D

ourWorld, our beloved game that launched in 2008, has become a cult classic for millennial teens.  But in recent years, due to the rise of mobile gaming, ourWorld has slowed in development and is in danger of dying altogether.  What can FlowPlay do to attract new users?

ourGemCodes was originally a blog created in 2010 as a college project by Donny Pie for ourWorld.  We created news posts and updates and accumulated over 100 million views across all our social media platforms.  As time changed, we didn’t and ourGemCodes slowly became a relic.  Inconsistent news posting and the decline of users in ourWorld caused ourGemCodes slow demise.  What you see now is simply a remnant of what was… and now the same is about to happen to ourWorld.

Please answer the poll below or leave comments on ideas of how you think ourWorld can attract new users so they don’t end up like Club Penguin, MEEZ, DizzyWood and countless others:

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Donny Pie

Hello! My name is Donnel Garner. I created ourGemCodes in 2010. I have my degree in Computer Science. I’m a web developer, entrepreneur, content creator, and United States Submariner. I am a young philanthropist and contribute to open source foundations.


  1. Yeah I’m gonna write here just for giggles.. I do think they should add more content to the game that will make it more fun since generations are changing and a lot of the games are pretty old and a lot of them kinda outdated.

    They should actually develop and USE concept art that they have and tell us more of a story, we dont know anything about the actual world and it’s been this way ever since we started playing. Would be so much better if we actually had a story and a sort of interactiveness that isnt just tutorial based or flat.

    I loved this game as a kid because of how you could interact with other people and since that isnt happening much anymore something else needs to change in order to bring in more kids.

    I’d also want more customization with the “appearance” options as well. Less limited edition things that no new players can get.

    It’s a cute game! I loved growing up playing it and having friends on it! Just needs to be updated and all.

  2. Make a mobile version. Update to Unity. Right now it has really faded into obscurity, let’s be honest. Flash is dying, this is why Club Penguin jumped ship and rebooted into an entirely new game that wasn’t built in Flash.

    ourWorld itself also needs more interesting stuff going on. I may be a somewhat casual player who only checks in every once in a while, but the only updates I ever see, besides for holidays (which are literally the same every year anyway), are limited content. So much limited content. Everything new is limited edition and a collectible. All of it.

    When was the last time they added something permanently to the shops? Honestly? Casual players miss out on this stuff, it seems rather discouraging when everything cool that you ever see on experienced players is the limited stuff. Stuff that never returns.
    Newcomers may feel a bit overwhelmed as well, like they have a lot to catch up on. oW should really put less focus on new limited items, and more focus on new permanent content!

    Gems have been the currency in focus for a long time, as well. Honestly Flowplay needs that money at this point, but it certainly doesn’t help when it turns away new players; literally everything costs gems. Gameplay-wise, you can’t really work towards that stuff. You gotta buy it with real money. You can’t grind for gems.
    And when you can buy everything cool for gems anyway, what’s the point of grinding flow to level up to buy things with coins? Besides unlocking a few new features every once in a while? The coin prices on the items that you can also buy with gems have gotten absolutely atrocious.

    From a game design standpoint, it’s kind of a bad game. Honestly, I’m surprised it has survived this long.

    I also want more lore updates. This is potentially a cool world, but man, there really isn’t a lot we know about it. It has been nearly ten years, man.

  3. They should update the flash player to maybe Unity.

    They also should add a full-on descriptive wiki to help newcomers… which is actually a side project that I have been working on for over 200 days.

    They also should be advertising with Adword.

    The thing is flash player games, in general, are slowly dying out, just due to the outdatedness of it.

    I think it would be pretty cool if they could somehow make it cross-platformed for mobile users, I know there is already an app for ourWorld on the iPad… but honestly, the majority of people have a smartphone. I also already know of the chat app for ourWorld.

    If FlowPlay were to make an app compatible with both Android and Apple phones, there may be a bit of an increase in players. There would have to be a separate UI for the mobile users since it’ll be compact.

    Through Puffin users COULD play ourWorld… but honestly having an official app for it would be, and seems a lot better playing on.

    FlowPlay should also add some more actual story & lore into the game. I honestly find this kind of thing very interesting within the game, but feel like it doesn’t have enough.

    1. dear Kobe I don’t really think that oW can come back to life… the main reason is that the new items are becoming more and more repulsive by the month, i remember back in the day you would look forward to new stuff but now i don’t really see that anymore and don’t have the same feelings for the oW we all knew and used to love. After all this years oW still didn’t make any kind of story that just show you how much they don’t care about players and they aren’t doing anything to make it better than before… You know whats my idea for them to keep people playing “STOP FUCKING BANNING RANDOM PLAYERS!”…. oh and the reason that got most people to quit is “playesr” remember back in the day when it actually didn’t matter if you were rich or poor? Yea, well that doesen’t exist anymore players are geting more and more greedy and beginners have a rough time starting and are always being looked down upon.. oW started to simulate real life by showing how it can be cruel to people… I apreciate the time you took to read this and i hope that you feel the same way because i know a lot of people do ^^

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