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5 Things You Learned From Playing ourWorld

There’s a lot of stuff we’ve learned from playing ourWorld.  For one, we learned that you will never get a good item from a mystery box.  But you’ll buy them anyway.  And online dating on ourWorld doesn’t work out 99% of the time.  Boys turn out to be girls and vice versa.  Here are 5 things you’ve learned from playing ourWorld:

#5. Some people will do anything for virtual items.

You know that one friend who ONLY talks about items?  Out of all the endless things you can talk about in life, you want to talk about how you want vampire teeth.  You must be SO fun at parties.  Also, I don’t care that you’re stupid and you got scammed 7 times.  You just want me to feel sorry for you so you can get free items.

Poor players steal items because they can’t afford them.

Be aware of people who are trying to scam you for items.  Never give away items for free.

#4. Virtual worlds are a lot like real life.

Sure, some people go to the extreme on ourWorld because they feel safe hiding behind their keyboard.  In a lot of ways, though, ourWorld is like real life.  In fact, ourWorld exposes some of the harsher realities of human nature.  Drama, bullying, hate, and sexual conversations are all real things that happen in virtual world games.

Not just your average internet friends

There is still a major disconnect between virtual worlds and reality.  Remember things said over the internet can’t be taken as seriously as what is happening in real life.  Take time away from your computer.

#3.  12 year olds are 18.  40 year olds are 18. Boys are girls and girls are boys.

You never know who is who on ourWorld.  And without being able to confirm the identity behind the keyboard, everyone on ourWorld is anonymous.  This is super dangerous because adults pose as children all the time and children pose as adults.

Have we ever told you how many people have been catfished on ourWorld?  Too many to count. This happens often so be careful who you date on this game.  Always ask for an Instagram picture to confirm their true identity.

#2. There’s an overwhelming amount of bored people, trolls, and perverted types.

“Did a blind person dress you?!  Your outfit is trash!”  – said every troll ever.

“Your username is MakeMeWet.  Can I throw water on you?” – said every pervert ever.

“ourWorld is boring. My life is boring. I hate everyone.” – said every bored ourWorlder ever.

Okay, we get it. Most people on ourWorld are either bored and seek social interaction.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are strangers on the other side of the screen.  Remember to play nice and don’t take things too far.

#1. You meet actual friends who care.

The number one thing you learn from ourWorld is you’ll meet a REAL friend (if you’re lucky).  They’ll follow you on every social network.  They’ll send you pictures and share life stories with you.  And the crazy thing is they’ll live on the other side of the planet.  It’s like they’re your distant pen-pal.  You can’t see or feel them, but you know they’re there.

What have you learned from playing ourWorld?

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