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Fright Mystery Box 2012

“Bring your dead, bring your dead!” Because your going to die when you see these killer items!

*Set for release, 17th September – 11th November.*



Outfit 1

[From top, left. Scarf, hair and eye-peice.]

Outfit 2

[From top, left. Jacket, dress and boots.]

Outfit 3

[From top, left. Hat, shirt, dress, pants, thigh-highs and boots.]

Outfit 4

[From top, left. Mask and jacket.]

Outfit 4

[From top, left. Jacket, dress, shirt, bodysuit, pants, socks and boots.]

*Thanks to Selena for sharing the dress above.*

Outfit 5

[From top, left. Jacket, shirt, pants, socks, boots.]

Outfit 5

[From top, left. Hat, jacket, dress, pants, socks, boots.]

Outfit 6






Misc (Horns, pixi.ect):




What do you think? Like them?

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