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Available: September 2011 – December 2011

The downWorld Battle Boxes have been imported to ourWorld!  Now you can get the exclusive treasures held within each of these boxes to make your avatar appear stronger than ever!

<— Radiant Box items are on the left
Oblivion Box items are on the right —>

Radiant Box Oblivion Box
Glimmer Staff Onus Sword
Sun Orb Rod Orion Sword
Aqueon Staff Diaphane Sword
Suspensor Rod Hawkwind Sword
Solar Arc Staff Nucleon Sword
Sun Rod Urliax Sword
Eye Of Eternity Rod Starblood Sword
Luster Staff Transfinium Sword
Shaman’s Light Rod Vorpinder Sword
Illuminon Staff Glint Blade
Incandor Staff Tarantellium Sword
Effulgeon Staff Malignum Sword

These items are perfect for players who love downWorld.  Now your avatar can wield powerful weapons and look tougher than ever.  Leave a comment below with your thoughts.  Leave nice comments.  Thank you.

Edit: These boxes should launch August 22nd, 2011. They should. Items in this box give 40% flow boost.

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