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Fan Art Saturday!

Hello there! I have a real awesome fan art Saturday for you guys today and actually for the next few weeks. I have artists already booked for fan art Saturday for the next..3 weeks..! Well, the artist that you will see today was requested to myself a lot, by numerous people, and I’ve finally decided to post this artwork here because this artist deserves it completely..! Now for the’s absolutely fabulous..drum roll please..! *Drum rolls*…





I cannot even..I can’t..alright..just merely, gorgeous.


Once again, I’m very proud to be able to post artwork as nice as this, now you must know the artist, correct? You don’t??? WHAT. ARE YOU INSANE, WELL THEN I MUST TELL YOU WHO THE AMAZING ARTIST IS!! The artist who is behind all this exquisite art is the one and only..

Battle Angel!

You may contact her here!


Miss Battle Angel was also the one who entered the summer item contest on ourWorld with her Black sailor overalls design which she won second place with, so good for her..! *Claps*. Now, as you can see she can draw in all styles such as..anime, chibi, etc. and she also does anime head shots. So, you have a lot of wonderful styles to look at and I tried posting some anime, chibi and headshot pieces that she’s done to give you guys a real look of what kind of artist she is! It doesn’t matter what style of her’s your looking at (chibi, anime, etc.), you always get pulled in by her drawings, with those big sparkling eyes and the drawings all seem to tell different stories. When I roam around the forum trying to find artists that deserve to be posted on here, for some artists I look at their drawings for only about 3 seconds and keep scrolling because the drawings are probably dull. But with Battle Angel’s art I look at each and every drawing for about 2 minutes, I try to look at each and every detail while I admire all the work put into the art.


 I’m dying from gorgeousness over the first piece of artwork. I’m in love with the emotion on the face, the pose and basically the everything. It’s merely the definition of perfect. Do you guys have a personal favourite? If yes, tell us in the comments..!


Would you like your ourWorld fan art posted on the front page of OGC? Well you may contact myself here! It’s not certain that I will post your artwork, although I shall definitely take a look at it, and it shall be judged on many things.

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