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Fan Art Saturday!

*Looks at watch nervously, seeing as it would be reaching 8:30 pm soon*

Hello there! Yes, I know, I usually post much earlier than this so my apologies. Well anyways, I have as always, an awesome artist to show you OGC viewers. I think you guys will enjoy the different but still just as gorgeous change that I have for you this week. Now I should probably stop blabbering and show you the art already..should I? Yes? ALRIGHT!



As you can see these drawings are drawn traditionally and not digitally. I don’t think I’ve ever posted an artist that had traditional drawings, so I believe this is a very pleasant change for this week’s fan art Saturday. This artist does indeed have about 1 or 2 digital drawings, although the majority of this artist’s drawings are traditionally drawn! The artist for this week’s fan art Saturday is..



You may contact her here


I’ve been keeping my eyes on her art for the past weeks, I’ve been really eager to post her art and I finally have the chance to do so today! It’s always nice to have a change and it looks equally as gorgeous as digital art does. She made these traditional drawings with a pencil and she colored/shaded it with crayons. CRAYONS..!! Fascinating isn’t it? Now that’s really impressive, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to color with something like crayons Android doesn’t draw in any way other than in a realisticish anime way, I haven’t seen her draw any chibis so far. I think this week’s artist deserves a big round of applause.


It’s time to..choose a favorite! In my opinion, my favorite is the last one. I really love the emotion being expressed within the drawing and I really love the way she drew the eyes in that drawing, they look fabulous. Oh and another thing, the blue really catches my eye, since it’s my favorite color.


Which one is your favorite? Comment down below


Would you like your ourWorld fan art posted on the front page of OGC? Well you may contact myself here! It’s not certain that I will post your artwork, although I shall definitely take a look at it, and it shall be judged on many things.


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