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Fan Art Saturday..!

Hello everyone..! I apologize for the lack of posting of the Fan Art Saturday section for the past few weeks..! I was quite busy finishing up with school, and I took a small vacation. But now, since I have summer vacation, I shall make sure not to miss a single week..! Also, do you OGC viewers remember Shunned..? Yes. She used to be the existing author for Fan Art Saturday, although she has been having difficulties with her computer and her WordPress. That is why I have been given her author job, I shall be the author for Fan Art Saturday now, permanently.

ENOUGH OF MY USELESS BLABBERING..! Lets get to the art..shall we..?

I cannot believe how many talented artists there are on the OGC forum..!! And this week’s artist is wonderful and full of talent..!! Here are some of  her beautiful art pieces..







(Note: Out of the numerous images this artist had drawn, I had to pick about 5, and it was a very hard decision, especially the final image. Although my friend Boredom from the OGC forum lent a hand to myself. Thank you Boredom..!

The awesome artist who drew these 5 images is CK Lellepop (Leen), you may check her out here. Amazing..!! These 5 images, are gorgeous pieces of artwork. I love that each and every image of those 5 has something different about themselves, and what I mean by this is that her art style changes a bit,there are some similarities but there are some differences such as sometimes she draws the mouth differently, maybe perhaps the eyes also and a lot of other things, and I personally think that, that’s amazing. Someone who can transition like this easily from different ways of drawing something specific (ex. eyes, mouth, etc.) and can still make it look quite beautiful is quite talented, I believe..! I hope everyone enjoyed this gorgeous art that I picked out for you guys today..!


Banner by Meyanni


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