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Game of the Week: Bubblegum Eater

you dum dum now give me gum gum

This week’s game is… cute? fun? crazy? All three. Bubblegum Eater, suggested by Pink Strawberry, and loved by many ourWorlders, is an Arcade game in which a little green dinosaur is very hungry for bubblegum. (I wish there was a challenge for this game where you could win the gum bubble. But there’s not. Oh well, I have the gum bubble anyways.)

This game is all in the arrow keys, so it should be absolutely fine and dandy on a laptop.

Here are some tips:

  • Even if there’s a good gumball in the group, if you’re risking getting hit by a bad one, run.
  • Some colors can be tricky- look at the face, and if you’re still not sure, avoid it to be safe.
  • You have to press the up arrow to eat a good gumball, but the bad ones will affect you even if you’re just standing there.
  • The down arrow key makes you duck so you can avoid bad gumballs, in case you can’t run away in time.
  • Try and get two or three gumballs at once, if you can- sometimes they’re spaced just well enough to get more than one.

Have a game suggestion? Feel free to leave the name of the game and your ourWorld name in the comments below, or send me a message. Also, if you have any ideas for how I could make Flash Game Tuesday more exciting in any way while still staying within the realm of flash games, I’m open for ideas. Free air guitars for anyone who suggests a game. I also have air violins, microphones, and keyboards. Soooooo- suggest away, and we can all start a rock band. (sort of off topic but speaking of rock bands and music: Oh my gods so my choir is doing a U2 song for our fall concert and it’s really weird ’cause there are no measures or time signatures like what the flip that’s not music only it is and it’s amazing.)

Also, there is an official FlowPlay name for what I do (picking the most fun games, testing them, and bringing them to the game, though technically I don’t actually do that, just spread the word). According to an article about Starlight Skate, my ourWorld job position is ‘Searcher.’ … hey, everyone, maybe you have an official job in the FlowPlay world, too… like ‘Catwalker’ or ‘Partygoer’ or maybe if you love Cake Mania or something, ‘Baker.’ Of course Caden’s title would be something like ‘Gamer Extraordinaire’ and Azia’s would be ‘Master Technologist.’ This really doesn’t relate to the topic of flash games anymore, but hey- just a thought.

‘Til next week, my little green dinosaurs! (I was about to leave the comma out and then I realized people like to flame.)

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