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Game of the Week: Emily and the Magic Maze

em n the magic maze

I’m going to do themed games for the rest of October, since there are several on ourWorld. The first one is fairly new, though not brand new. Gauche suggested this week’s game, which is filed under Puzzle games. This game takes some getting used to, but it’s really fun. Plus I love it since the main character’s name is Emily, which is also my name. (And, it so happens, the name of one of our other authors.) This game is laptop-friendly since the controls are the arrow keys. Here are some tips:

Flow rating for this game (on a scale of 1-10) I haven’t played this very long but I’m going to place it in the 5-6 range.

Fun rating for this game (on a scale of 1-10, and this is my opinion) For girls more so than for guys, but I’d say a 3 to 5.

  • In general, watch out for anything you wouldn’t confront in real life. (flying pumpkins, spikes, potion cauldrons, etc.)
  • In most levels there is an ‘easy’ way to get the key and leave, and a ‘harder’ way which involves getting all the candy. I, being a flash gamer, always try the harder way, but if a level is really annoying you just look for the ‘easy’ way.
  • Every time you flip a lever, the gates switch. So if there’s a gate standing between you and some spikes, don’t flip the lever.
  • Magic potions don’t protect you from getting skewered by spikes. Trust me, I learned this the hard way. ;)
  • Until you have the key, the door will act like an open square.
  • Most of this game is in the timing and forethought.
  • Even I haven’t figured out all the tricks yet, so of course there’s more.

Any game suggestions or any other reason to talk to me? Leave a comment or send me an owl (Wizardly way of saying a message ;P ). I can’t guarantee that a game will make it to the frontpage next week or even within the next month, but I will try to take all suggestions. Also, and I know I sound like a broken record here, if anyone’s got any ideas for how to ‘spice up’ Flash Game Tuesday, I’m all ears.

Totally unrelated randomness of the week: I have now started watching Sherlock. Thus far my favorite character is either Mycroft (cause he’s a total jerk) or Moriarty (cause he’s the bad guy, plus I’ve encountered other versions of Sherlock Holmes that make him look really epic). Yes, I have a thing for the unpopular ones. I usually write them tragic backstories, unless they already have them.

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