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Game of the Week: Eridani


I cannot believe the amount of stuff I have to do on Tuesdays now. Fencing, dance, these posts, strength training, JROTC… the list is stacking up fast. So much stuff, so little time. But I can always make time for games!

What if Planet Earth had an evil twin, somewhere out in the universe? In the Strategy game, Eridani, suggested by Queen of Heaven, Earth has become desolate, forcing humans to look for another planet, and they stumble across Eridani, which is exactly like Earth. Unfortunately, the people of Eridani aren’t open to invasion, so in order to save the human race, you must attack them.

This game is laptop-friendly enough, but it requires a bit of clicking and dragging.

Here are some tips:

  • Make sure you have plenty of power and resources before you mindlessly build ships and defense towers.
  • It’s a good idea to hold back from attacking the enemy planets until either they attack you or you know you’re strong enough to attack.
  • Send two or three repair drones with each fleet, but keep some around your command center also.
  • Scope out the surrounding area to find the enemy base before building your own.
  • Asteroids can be mined for resources, so make sure there are plenty nearby.

The people of Earth are depending on you. Go shoot some stuff.

Have a game to suggest? Comment, message, or email me, and I’ll try to remember who sent what and what was asked for and put it on here… My offer to give away virtual waffles still stands, since literally no one actually suggested anything this week. *forever alone*

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