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Game of the Week: Mummy and Monsters

mummy and monsters

I don’t nearly fall asleep before remembering I have to post. I do, however, have a busy schedule, so I apologize for making Flash Game Tuesday into Flash Game Almost Hump Day Wednesday.

In keeping with Halloween games, this week I bring you a timing-based Puzzle game. This was suggested by a friend of mine in real life, Triskaideka, and it sticks to the theme. Plus, the theme song is one of the most annoying things I’ve ever heard. (go to the menu screen, listen to it say “mum-myandmon-sters” ten billion times, and try not to pull out your hair. Trust me, I did it the whole time I was writing this post.) This game can get really annoying on a laptop, since it requires fast and accurate clicking in different places.

Flow rating for this game: on a scale of 1 to 10, 3 or 4, it isn’t the greatest but it does get some.

Fun rating for this game: on a scale of 1 to 10 in my personal opinion, also 3 or 4. I like the “mask” they put on it but it is just a puzzle game. I’m not the grand high witch of puzzle games.

  • You may not always need to use everything in a level. Some things may just be there to distract you.
  • If the mummy is moving slow, try dropping a brick on him. If you get the leverage right you can launch him.
  • Lights work from both above and below.
  • When a moving platform is involved, you’ll probably have to hit something at a perfectly specific time. This can take a bazillion tries sometimes, unless you’re like me and so dislike puzzle games that you say forget it after the second time you fail.
  • There can sometimes be more than one monster to wake up. (I’ve never gotten to this point, though my friend mentioned it once.) As long as you hit all them before your mummy dies, you’ll beat the level.

Have a suggestion? Something to get off your chest? A bit of fan mail? Leave a comment or send me a message on ourWorld. (I would say to chat to me if you see me, but most of the time while I’m trick-or-treating I am off in Another Tab Land, on Facebook or Pottermore or watching my latest anime/show, so a message will be a safer bet. I believe my messages are open to everyone. Someone please notify me in the comments below if they aren’t.)

Totally unrelated randomness of the week: At last, my dear iPod charger, I have found you. I shall listen to music 24/7 now to make up for lost time! (Including in class. My teachers are pretty cool with it, actually, and immersed in the modern age. Most of them have Twitter accounts and they actually tweet about legit things, instead of homework.)

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