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ourWorld: To private Profile, or not to private Profile?

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The crushing disappointment of a private profile </3

Don’t worry, you’re not alone!  Look up Nutana on ourWorld.  She’s starting an ourWorld movement and flaunts #StopPrivateProfiles2015 on her bio with pride!

There are many valid reasons why someone would choose a private profile: stalkers, privacy, misanthropy, etc..

But private profiles diminish gameplay experience.  When someone’s bio is private; you can’t see their outfit.  There is a little trick, though.  If you click on ‘Gift player’ then go to the outfit section; you can bypass a private profile and view their outfit anyway.  SO MUCH FOR PRIVACY!!!

We asked a few people:
‘When you see someone’s profile is private, what is the first thing you think about?”
Most responses regarded scamming  and hacking. A scammer would want to hide their identity.
But one person gave an interesting insight by stating, “People might keep their profile private because they don’t have anything interesting on their bios.”

Not everyone gets bugged by this, though; some people see this as a way to show others they want to be alone.

What about you? Do you think that profiles should be for show, do you not care, or do you prefer to be private yourself?
Share your thoughts in the comments!


Hi everyone, I'm Rhayne ~yoroshiku onegaishimasu [it's nice to meet you] I'm a hopeless optimist who enjoys spending her free time stalking, trolling, and spamming. All for positive purposes of course!

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