ourWorld NPC Jordan: Gone Missing

I don’t follow the official ourWorld blog too closely.  But who does?  So it took me awhile to realize that our favorite fashionista, Jordan, has magically disappeared!  Of course, I’m sure you all know who Jordan is but I’ll refresh your memory for those who’ve forgotten.

Jordan is one of ourWorld’s beloved NPCs, but not a designer.  Actually, she is – or was – the fashion blogger on the official ourWorld blog;  she kept us up to date on upcoming mystery boxes or new items.  However, her last post was on June 28th, 2010, about the Monkey King Mystery Box, whose contents are now Super Rare!  Evidently, she was either fired, or she died.  Maybe ourWorld realized that OGC had the whole fashion blog thing covered, and decided to let her go? :P Either way, R.I.P. Jordan.

Jordan’s Last Post? [Official ourWorld Blog]
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