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ourWorld Basics: Levels/Flow

Are you new to ourWorld and unsure how to level up and what exactly levels are? Well, here is a quick guide for you on levels and leveling up! First of all, you should notice the level up bar at the top of your screen. If you are entirely new right now, it should be a blank black bar and beneath it the words ‘Level Up’ in bold white text. Place your mouse over the bar and a drop out menu should be shown beneath. Notice how it says ‘Level Map’. This is just a quick run down of the next few levels and the level ahead of you’s feature(s). This map doesn’t always appeal with importance to every members. Although it only shows 1-15 levels at first, there are 100 levels to ourWorld. Each time you level up, you should be rewarded a dance move and sometimes an extra perk such as a vehicle license. Also, as you’re first starting out, you have to unlock every place other than bordwalk as you first level up. But no fears! With a bit of time and patience, you will have unlocked every available island.

  Now, you might be wondering how you level up. And what might flow be? Flow is ourWorld’s currency to leveling up. Earning enough flow to level up may take time once you get to higher levels, but as a starter, it’s quite easy! Below this post, I will provide a link to Save Me’s flow tips. “How much flow do I need to level up?” Well, that’s quite simple. Again, we return to the drop bar under your level. As you can see, beneath ‘Level Map’ should be ” _ Flow to level up” in white, bold, italic text. You might notice that this time the words are in fact, not clickable. But it does provide useful information. This tells you how much flow exactly you need until you level up.

“You’ve been telling me what flow and levels are, but how do I level up?!” To do so, there should be a black/purple circle in the left hand of your screen. Click it. Prize Central should be shown now with different ways to spend your flow.Those flow mini-games should be in order, Prize Wheel, The Bubbler, and The Jackpot.

Prize Wheelis basically a spin & win. Press go if you are interested. Each time you spin, you use up one flow. The possible prizes to the prize wheel are coins, condo items, Super Store clothing, which will be shown as ‘Gear.’ If you don’t like this option after trying it out, simply press ‘Back To Center’ which should be in the right upper hand corner of Prize Central. Just press that and be brought back to the main menu.

Now, you will most likely select ‘The Bubbler‘. Once you do so, bubbles of all different assorted flow numbers and colors will be shown. The possible numbers are 1, 5, and 10. You can receive coins, and gear here. For better out comes, pop a higher number bubble such as 5 or 10.

For a chance to win The Jack Pot make sure you have at least 1 flow left and press ‘Back to Center’. This is much more simpler than the others, although you can not win gear and can only spend one flow a day here. So just press ‘1 Chance Per Day’. Then after that, your results should be brought up.

Happy spending!

“Wait, what is the last thing on the drop menu. Flow boosts?” Flow boosts are from outfits, group boosts, resident boost, or a facebook boost. Flow boosts increase the amount of flow you earn which makes it easier to level up.

Have fun leveling up!

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