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Ourworld: Sneaky Stealth Mode

So you wanna be on ourWorld, yet you don’t want your whole friend list to know…
Have no fear! Stealth mode is here.

This handy feature keeps your bootiful avatar’s face, from popping up on other people’s “online players” lists. Also, if someone tries to whisper you, your icon will show “offline” in the chat box.

Step one:
Go to Settings > user settings

ourworld user settings

Step two:
Go to “Show my friends I am online”
& click “no”


Here’s what the bottom of your screen should look like
Stealth Mode

Warning: Sometimes if you go into stealth, you might still appear as online to the people you were whispering. Refresh if you want to be sure you’re invisible.

If you followed these steps, you are now undercover ;)


Hi everyone, I'm Rhayne ~yoroshiku onegaishimasu [it's nice to meet you] I'm a hopeless optimist who enjoys spending her free time stalking, trolling, and spamming. All for positive purposes of course!

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