‘Tis Sunday [Issue 6]

Hey y’all,
Sorry for the slight delay but…

‘Tis Sunday, and you know what that means?

Every week, I will publish a follow-up issue of ‘Tis Sunday, an interactive post that allows you viewers to have your say and win mini contests with not-too-attractive prizes.


Did you know… that the Zodiac Mystery Box originally cost 100 Gems, but was reduced to 85 Gems due to a 15% off on all items. Yup, mystery boxes have gone down to 28 Gems from 33 Gems. Also, the sprite you get from the Zodiac Mystery Box is not base on the birth of date you enter when you first sign up for ourWorld.


I wanna give some shout-outs for some friends
These would be
StephRedHottie, TwilightAngel9, Chocolatesweet. choven, Animany, Elisan98, angels sorrow95, Green guy, ImYoUrRaInDrOpS, OoForeverWolfoO, OpheliaSunday, homer 1,
princess tamtam, Dr Ramsey, x CxiKaren x, xX CxiiKitten xX, Zoey630, LIL MIZZ MARVEE,
BlackCandy, bella218, 8D CKTherese 8D, Absinthe, NiceNiceFighter and my crew
xX StarWarriors
Love you guys


A special Shout Out to:

SamiieXD, Bhaby17, XxXHunzaXxX, I Admire Ash, X FrOsTy X, Rapsilv, xxboyxx91, xSophiaa, UltimateTop model, CxI babE825 and finally me Priya2u!


A shout out to my beautiful gf Hermoine rox.

U r like a breath of fresh air,
Udont move, u glide.
With u, my life is complete.
I miss u from lond :\

The reason is that i didnt see her in like a month. If u r reading this, plz be with me.

~xx THE KOOL xx

I would like to give a shout-out to-
Lily Goes Rawr – sister <3
Jake – Bestfrand
other Jake- Buddy
Lil- Besssttttieeeeee <3


Heyy , shout – out to . . .
iHolly & Mercedeszx3 ! ILoveYou , my lovely triplet sisters (;
KewlKat1 , zilzie , Queen Awesum XD , xTinkyWinkyx , Kikki602 , RandomEmz , you guys are my awwwwwesome , stunnin friends in real life ; and dear readers , DON’T CALL ANY THEM NOOBS OR NEWBIES ! D:< Becauzz they are cooooooooooool ; Or the Sugary will hunt you down [ * rawr * ]
From Sugary , a girl with an ambition to reach Level 1OO before or on her birthday (:


Shoutout to the Last Cookie gang for making this one of the best websites I’ve looked on for help about Ourworld!!!! Thank you guys for spending your time on helping us!!!!! I really appreciate it!!!!!!!!!! You do so much for us & I just wanted to say thanks!!!!


?????? ??? ?p??k??g…

I’d like to give a shout out to TearDrops. :D We’ve been friends for 2 years! ? I want to also give a shout out to XxDalilaxX. Wherever you are, I miss you… ?

~Kawaii Sun

Shout out.
Tori – Mah Sehxy Bjtchy! <3
Monita – i Love Yuhh, Babey! <3
Jake – Buddieh Yuhh Make Me Laugh! <3
Lia – Oh, Lia, Lia, Your Hair Smells Like Papyaa! <3
Nick – Baby, i Love You So Much And You Know That! <3
Julie – Ahh, Julie, Please Don't Quit. Me Missed Yuhh So Mucho! <3
Robert – Thank Yuhh For All Those Pwetyy Words You Told To Me. <3

iLoveYuhhGuysMucho! <3 :***


Shout Out To:

Mayelle- The Best BFF Ever
Daisy- Dress-Up Buddies
Stranger- Stalking Buddies
Soap (i don’t know your first name)- Bunny Buddies 8-)
Dount- For Being Twinys (even tho it never works)
Hunter- Your Welcome For The Gift + FUN-SIZED PEOPLE RULE!!!!
Lexi- Mommy your the Greatest Mommy ever
Skye, Luna- For letting meh join the BEST crew in the world
….. if i missed you then i am sorry

Love Yea,

~CK LillyLove

A personal shout out from myself, get well soon Last Cookie. We’re all looking forward for you back here posting updates. Have a speedy recovery and from everyone here at,


~Hollywood (A.K.A. Zacsky)


The Gold Egg asked:
“Why doesn’t ourWorld let us say green in our about mes?”

The word before or after ‘green’ – when put together – may evoke an inappropriate word. An example would be if I type the following text in my Bio, “His crew is awesome”, a pop-up may appear saying it is invalid because the last letter of ‘His’ and the word ‘Crew’ when put together forms ‘sCrew’. It’s still inappropriate, regardless of the spacing!

Count2ten asked:
“Do you know if the OurWorld people only accept American money? I’m looking to buy gems and I’m not sure if they will accept $10 Canadian Money.”

Yes. They do accept only American money. If you want to buy Gems and you live in a country aside from America (or aside from the state Seattle), just hop on down to your nearest Money Exchange center and change your Canadian Money to American Dollars. It might cost more, it might cost less, because each country has their respective currency.

I did that, and I got my Gems 8-)


Visit this Youtube channel:
Which video is 3:55 minutes long? Hint: It was uploaded 6 months ago.

Submit all answers to with your Subject Header as ‘Mini Contest’ by Friday, 21 January 2011. Prizes will be gifted by Hollywood the following week. Good luck!~

Don’t forget to include your ourWorld name in your contest submission.

Last week’s answer: Last Cookie guest starred in oW Comic: Help! It’s Live Help!
2 FASTEST: charlroxy, Jessica45612
2 LUCKIEST: oOLoveAbleOo, OwElite Ash x3

You should have received your prizes (via gift) by Tuesday, 18 January, 2011.


Submission Guidelines

So before you reach over and press ‘comment’, do read up on how you can submit your questions, shout-outs and contest answers below.

• For Shout-out column, simply post your messages as a reply to THIS post. I’ll be checking the comments section below and select random shout-out messages to publish in the next issue.

• For Ask The Sky, I’ll only accept questions through forum PM-ing or inbox messaging. Send me a Private Message by clicking here. Alternatively, you can send me an inbox message with the subject ‘Ask The Sky!’.

• For Mini Contest, all participants should email their entry to

Author of ‘Tis Sunday


Donny Pie

Hello! My name is Donnel Garner. I created ourGemCodes in 2010. I have my degree in Computer Science. I’m a web developer, entrepreneur, content creator, and United States Submariner. I am a young philanthropist and contribute to open source foundations.

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