ourWorld Updates: March 3rd!


These features are scheduled to be released March 3, 2014:

* New Games: Culmination, Apple Boom

* Bento Mystery Box 2014: In stores now. 6 colors for guys, 7 for girls.

* Hidden Village Condo Mystery Box 2014: In stores March 3.

* Other Features: Gender Change (see below), ICON (see below), New Furniture (see below)

Gender Change:

* Should be fully functional now.
* Button to change is in Appearance if you’re under level 6.
* Changing gender sells off gender-specific items (except starter clothes).
* Test to see if GetUpz and Inventory reset, and headshots change after gender change.

ICON Feature:

* Found at the top of your About page.
* Should only show when connected to and logged into Facebook.
* Changes your headshot between your regular ourWorld one and your Facebook one.
* Wouldn’t players abuse this feature by using porn as their FB profile pic?


Umh… More posts coming soon!  Sorry for not posting more, hahah ^^””
OGC loves you!

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