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Coming Soon: Trading System

Since the Marketplace was released players have wanted a safe and secure way to trade items. Past methods of trading have been reliant on trust and luck, and have led to scamming and other prohibited activities.

Coming soon, to ourWorld is a brand new trading system!

Update: The release date of the Trading System is expected to be November 14th!

Special thanks to Czarcasm, one of ourWorld’s Forum Masters for providing this information!

So far the following is known about this new feature:

  • The items traded must have similar Marketplace average prices.
  • Trades are initiated through the Marketplace, therefore they can only be done by Residents and members of Zoe’s Club.
  • The person that initiates the trade pays 4 gems, unless they’re a Zoe’s Club member in which case no gems are charged.
  • Gems and Coins can NOT be used in trades as of the initial release.
  • More than one item can be traded at a time.

The expected release date for the addition of this feature is within the next couple of updates. More information will be posted about this feature as it is provided.

What do you think about the addition of a Trading System? Let us know in the comments below!

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