ourWorld/vegasWorld made $18 million last year & FlowPlay 26th best company to work for in 2017

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Seattle Business Magazine delivers insight into the key people, enterprises and trends that drive business in the Pacific Northwest.  This year, Seattle Business ranked the Top 100 companies in the state of Washington.  FlowPlay, the developer of ourWorld and vegasWorld, is based out of Seattle, Washington.

FlowPlay was rated 26th best company in Washington because Employees work in an “easygoing” workplace and are able to work from home every Tuesday and Thursday.  Employees enjoy catered lunches at the office on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

FlowPlay is a mid-sized company with only 60 employees.  FlowPlay pulled in a cool $18.28 million in revenue last year, up about 1 percent from a year earlier, and three times what the company earned in 2013.

There are eight, digital clothing designers, who work from Shanghai, and the company has about 15 customer-service contractors scattered around the U.S.

FlowPlay’s home base near Pioneer Square, on the third floor of a converted warehouse originally built in 1905, resembles other casual video-game studio startups. There’s a full bar, exercise equipment and arcade games scattered around an open office plan bordered by exposed brick walls.

Would you ever want to work for FlowPlay?

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