4 Fun Facts About TOT-ing

Halloween is the only time of year when we can dress up as anything and be anyone we like.  Here, at OGC, we like to dress up as pillows.  Because sleeping is good for your health.  Here are 4 fun facts about ourWorld Trick or Treating:

#4. Change islands and refresh every 5 minutes.

The basket won’t refill on their own.  Leave and come back.  This gives the NPC’s (non-playable characters) time to run to the store and fill the basket with more candy.  LOL

bandicam 2013-10-27 15-38-56-964

It takes around 5 minutes for the baskets to refill.  So remember to move from island to island frequently.

#3. People love to stand in front of the basket.

Trolls like to troll.  And sometimes, trolls like to stand in front of the basket because trolls are attention seekers.  Don’t give them attention.

bandicam 2013-10-27 15-38-16-368

Hit them with candy.  Or press tab several times until the basket is selected.  Then hit enter.

#2. Expect candy 99% of the time.

Did you get candy?  Oh my god, how did we know?!?  It’s because we did a test.  Every 29 out of 30 times, we’ve gotten candy.

bandicam 2013-10-27 15-38-36-974

#1. You’ll spazz out if you get anything good.

We’re not jealous.  I mean, we’ve only gotten the witch hat (at best).  But expect your friends to be envious of your good luck if you’ve gotten anything good.

bandicam 2013-10-27 15-39-41-467

You’ll jump off of your computer chair and your heart will beat out of your chest.  OMGOMGOMG so lucky ;P

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