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Haunted House Condo Mystery Box 2013

(Turns out that just a few minutes after I told everyone that I am never going to post news updates, I got chewed out for not doing so, and I daresay Lord Bladicus can drive a point, even when he’s telling you in his own sophisticated way to get up and work. And now I look like that guy who tries to make up for everything he messes up on, ’cause I am that guy, or that girl…)

Since it’s Wednesday, I’ve got time to spare, and I’ve got news, especially for all those who love to decorate their condos. So, I present you with the legendary Halloween decoration box: the Haunted House Condo Box. You should be able to click any picture to make it bigger, and if you can’t, it probably doesn’t get any bigger. This should be released on Monday, Sept. 30th. You may have seen a few of these items in Skye’s latest video. And by the way: I did in fact get these images from another fansite. I will be blunt. I took these images from People are just finding new ways to make me feel like a huge jerk. I am a huge jerk. I’m sorry about being a huge jerk, and I’m sorry about stealing the images.

First things first, the box.

haunted house box

 Here are the furniture items:

haunted house furniture

The wall decals:

haunted house decals

 And last- but definitely not least- a lovely, spooky view.

(Note: This is a view, not a theme. It is visible out your windows and behind your garden, but it doesn’t affect your walls or floor.)

haunted forest view

That’s all for now- and from now on, I’ll try to keep you updated with anything I happen to come across.

lightning eyed banner 2

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