The latest “buzzword” trending on YouTube is putting YouTuber in the title

So you want to be a YouTuber?  There are a few things you need to know before becoming the next big thing.  Quality content doesn’t always mean you’ll get views.  In fact, as of 2017, YouTube’s algorithm has changed to favor whichever buzzwords YouTube decides.  How they come up with these “buzzwords”; no one knows exactly.  But there’s more than enough proof that it is happening.

Most recently, the term Jake Paul was trending across all YouTube Channels.  And before that, it was Fidget Spinners.  Anyone remember the hydraulic press channel?   Why I quit buzzfeed?  YouTube is a global trendsetter and can create any viral sensation they want.  Even bigger channels have succumbed to having to use “clickbait” titles in order to get views.  It’s no longer about YouTube creativity.  It’s all about whatever YouTube wants to trend… or maybe this is how its always been.

In the past, YouTube favored bigger channels.  One reason PewDiePie grew to fame is because YouTube suggested his videos across their entire platform.  YouTube wanted to created internet sensations as a marketing ploy for their platform.  And it worked.

Are trends a good way to rank content?

Donny Pie

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