Secret Mission: Laser Gun

How to get the Secret Laser Gun!

You see your throw items?

Purchase a watergun for 5 gems!

Buy some balloons for 5 gems.

(if you don’t have 5 gems then wait for a new gem code)

Now, throw it at Doug Bot and watch him malfunction!

Mwuahahah <-- Evil Laugh


Search your friend’s list for Otto –

Search for Otto

Let’s take a visit to his condo.  Otto should be there.

Let's pay Otto a visit, shall we?

Otto give us a motherboard, omg!  O.O

Extra Option

Wow!  This should be able to fix doug bot.  No doubt :)


Neat-o!  You get the secret item now.  Now shoot dougbot!!! >:)

DougBot gets shot!

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