Mr. Mole’s Mystery Mart

Step 1: Only open on Fridays!
Step 2: Go to Wonderland

The Sweetest ourWorld Island

Step 3: Click Mr. Mole

Friday = Mystery Mart Day

Step 4: Let’s Shop!

Enter the Mystery Mart!

Can I haz Mr Mole =^.^=

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  • Life4Vegas33

    skye, please , the next friday ( 7 th February 2014 ) put into Mr Moles Mart the Monster Feet Slippers with 16 gems , cause i don’t have it and i wanna get it, please! xd

  • poo

    Why they make it expensive i really want gum i have monster fur boots ring master shirt shadow eye piece

  • I Mystery I

    Lol yay! They had bb gum finally but still the prices on fuzzy slippers are going down that sucks and If you have black monster fur boots for trade Reply c: ty

  • LittleSammyGOTmAdxD

    The mystery mart’s got the stupidest items ever!! Seriously, except gum i don’t think i like anything else. :/

  • kitty


  • kasire

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