Basics: Private Rooms

Most rooms in ourWorld are public which means anyone can visit them.  However, there is a trick to this and that’s grouping!

When you are part of a Group, small rooms in ourWorld behave differently. They become private, meaning only members of your Group can enter them.  These small rooms are:

  • Game Rooms
  • Poker Cabana
  • Stores (Threads, Otto, Lady King, etc.)
  • Snaps

Private Rooms

When you enter those rooms as part of a Group, not only will any members of the Group automatically be in the right room when they join you, but no non-Group members will ever show up unannounced.  Grouping won’t boot other players out of the room, so you need to form the group first, then enter the small room.

This feature allows for private poker games in Poker Cabana or private fashion shows in any of the ourWorld shops.

Another alternative to private rooms is going to your condo. Group a friend. Then go to settings and select —> “Nobody can visit my condo”

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