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Hotel Hideaway Comic #008: It’s a date shop!

Rejection is one of life's hardest lessons.  And on games like Hotel Hideaway, rejection comes second nature.  How often do people reject each other ...

Hotel Hideaway Comic #007: I Need Friends

This comic strip was inspired because so many stupid conversations happen in Hotel Hideaway.  These strips are pretty much documenting my interactions with ...

Hotel Hideaway Comic #006: The Coffee is Poisoned

Who doesn't like comics about coffee?  To be honest, coffee pretty much fuels this entire site and comic strip... But when Donny is told his coffee is ...

Hotel Hideaway Comic #005: The updated password!

In the last thrilling episode of this random comic, Donny Pie is instructed to check his email for a new password.  He's disappointed when the doorman asks if ...

Hotel Hideaway Comic #004: What’s the secret password?

Donny finds a secret door that requires a password to enter.  He's instructed to check his inbox if he wants to continue forth into the next room... because he ...

Hotel Hideaway Comic #003: Imaginary Love Life

In today's Hotel Hideaway comic strip, Donny Pie chats with Mary Spade about her imaginary panda. Unwittingly enough, however, Mary is simply teasing Donny ...

Hotel Hideaway Comic #002: Hush Child!

In today's Hotel Hideaway comic strip, Donny Pie contemplates sinister plans as he tells the children that it will all be over soon.

Hotel Hideaway Comic #001: Tattoo Meanings

Official website of Donny Pie's comic strip. Your home for Hotel Hideaway comics, news and videos.

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    1. Using the image above, leave a comment with who you think will win!
    – Which district will win? #PandaGang (District 1)
    – Who will get most kills? DonnyPoo
    – Who will win? DonnyPoo
    – Who will die first? Mary Spade (lol)
    – Who will get, at least, 1 kill? DonnyPoo
    – Who will get NO kills? Mary Spade

    Here are the districts, btw:
    District 1 (#pandagang) – Donny Pie & Mary Spade
    District 2 (Best Visual Effecs) – sERAPHINe & IAM MT
    District 3 (Best Female Commentary) – Karoline G Gomez & Coelette Love
    District 4 (Best Male Commentary) – AvakinZeroChill & MQKTV
    District 5 (Official Team) – Avakin Life Official & Jessie SocialGamer
    District 6 (Best New YouTubers) – Nami Avakin & ItzBabyJohn
    District 7 (Best Editors) – Mixedchick02 & Nastya Play
    District 8 (Best Comedy) – D A N T E & SnoopyAva
    District 9 (Best Tutorials) – Damnation Crew & ScarzGaming
    District 10 (Best Music) – BrokenDoll x & Bri Avakin
    District 11 (Best Random Videos) – Avakin Nya & Avakin Ari
    District 12 (Best Instagram) – ALDaily & Von Tease Sisters

    Deadline: October 17th, 2017

  2. Hellu ourWorld is so talented. She will work/own disney or pixar someday. Or do something extraordinarily huge. Her channel deserves so much more exposure.

  3. Thank you for posting
    *my faith in humanity is restored*

  4. This is a test message.

  5. Test this out okay

  6. Ah, you’re right! Thanks and updated :)

  7. I agree 100%. Cancer isn’t something people should take lightly.

  8. Exactly. Supply and demand. Nintendo is a known company to create something first, skew the price tag because there is no competition yet and become rich.

    I agree. It is still expensive. And it’s better to wait these kind of things out.

  9. it could be a joke ;)

  10. That was fast.

  11. yah yeet! you killin the vibe, yaaaa… you ain’t doin it right, yaaaaaa

  12. Thnx I try i try :p

  13. oh this game is the best xD

  14. The ourWorld Haunted Cabin changes by season. Just wait until Halloween ;P

  15. Oh Descendants 2 was SO good! Check it out.

  16. Do i look fat in this dress?

  17. Team flash here.

  18. never forget #jelena

  19. LMAO for real. There are so many episodes it’s kinda like… eh, no thnx.

  20. The show is pretty good. I recommend it!

  21. LMAO i love DJ Khaled’s family. Major key ;’)


  23. same same. been listening to their songs on repeat today.

  24. Thank you. I’m trying my best!

  25. YAS! Wish I could do a livestream on ourgemcodes so we can all watch it together. That would be cool.

  26. Thank you. I’m trying my best!

  27. You’re welcome. There’s a new NeonMob post every Tuesday — a collection of the best 5 free promo packs from the past week.

  28. good suggestion. i’ll check it out :)

  29. Always :’)

  30. haha thanks. we love you too :’3

  31. Yah yeeet no problemo

  32. ourworld only releases 10 gems per week. sometimes another 10 depending time of month. keep visiting bro.

  33. ayyyy thnx making improvements daily

  34. lol b-b-but i wanted to buy it and hang it on my wall…
    logan paul forever -makes creepy noises- 8-}

  35. lmao dont jynx it! *knocks on wood*
    *crosses fingers* *prays* *drinks vinegar*

  36. Thank you.

  37. you’re welcome ;3

  38. But making things is what I do best.

  39. yeah, FireFall was a good but underrated game. RIP.

  40. Honestly, out of all the games I’ve covered, ourWorld music videos are some of the best videos BY FAR.

  41. Well, this story isn’t covered anywhere else on the internet.

    Supposedly, the boys used ketchup and didn’t realize ketchup can ruin the paint on a car. After Behzinga posted about it on Twitter and threatened to call the authorities; that’s when the boys panicked and deleted everything.

    Idiots for sure.

  42. yeah, she was banned a few days ago. I didn’t cover the story, however. Since it seems like the moderators are intentionally banning people linked to me for attention.

  43. Gorillaz is my favorite band ;’3

  44. oh yeah, they don’t like each other much.

  45. lmao you lil savage ;p

  46. yeah, an explanation is something everyone deserves.

  47. Commiting suicide.

  48. Every little bit.


  50. if the moderators had a better judge of character, they’d ban all the anonymous toxic players. ourWorld has become a place for cyber bullying (in my experience).

  51. nah, i’ve been moving away from ourworld the past 3 years anyway, as seen on my YouTube channel. I knew web browser flash has been dying. i’ve been working on some really cool projects i hope to show you very soon.


  52. you have good ideas. just might have to do this.

  53. To answer your question: yes.

  54. *makes weird throat noises to you* hmrmrrrrrrrrr hmrmrrr hrmrr

  55. haha oh the days of downworld ;’)

  56. lmao let’s be honest here… Logan is a f*ck boy.

  57. omg rick and morty is so good. can’t wait for season 3!
    July 30th.

  58. haha we’re getting there ;p

  59. LMAO share some of dem marshmallows with meh ;p

  60. lmao ayeeeee lit lit lit!

  61. It’s okay. Jealousy is an affliction of the soul.

  62. I honestly think you’re 100% right ^.^

  63. haha you’re not the only one ;p

  64. Sometimes I like to think I’m off-the-beaten-path.

  65. hm, ok i will make an option to view content by liking or tweeting first.

  66. soda is so bad yet so good at the very same time.

  67. yeah, it’s a bit extreme. but ya kno, in China, the Government has absolute control over the press.

  68. gr8 m8 i r8 8/8

  69. LMAO makes a video, “YouTuber does YouTuber things while other YouTubers watch”

  70. Lmao Taras Kul is on my bucketlist of people I want to hug before I die.

  71. lmao -signs the petition-

  72. I 101% agree with you.

  73. yah yeeeeet logang

  74. lmao 4chan is the original reddit.

    it made me laugh so hard x’D

  76. Sign in. The game has changed A LOT :P

  77. ourgemcodes has changed.

  78. *knocks on wood* @[email protected]

  79. Thank you! I’m happy you like it. New updates are being made constantly now. I’m so obsessed XD lol

  80. hahah thanx for commenting! I’m updating this page to make it all agar.io-like 8)

  81. lmao i know why you’re watching them twice.
    because my videos are LIT AF! XD

  82. awe haha, i still love Kongregate. Kongregate is still the best web-browser game portal. Hands down. Better than Armor Games. But yeah, Kongregate could definitely improve.

  83. HeyGirlHey!

    Use the search filter. It should return the userID. It doesn’t work with all profiles. Profiles that haven’t registered to the official ourWorld forums won’t show up along with a few others. Still working on perfecting it!

  84. haha stalker levels increased ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  85. hahah i need to fix it so it works with EVERY profile :p

    updates coming soon? lolidk ;p

  86. dude avakin life is racist bro
    they don’t like pie people

  87. haha nice observation. some of the names were taken so they had to make newb accounts for the NPCs ;P

  88. We need an upgraded ourWorld 2.0 makeover, preferably one for mobile apps. That would be AMAZING!

  89. I agree 100%. Bill is trying to appeal to the younger audience at the expense of his own reputation. We have to give Nye credit for that level of courage.

    Unfortunately, Bill’s show isn’t as much about science as it’s about politics and the growing concern of worldwide issues. Bill uses science to disguise this fact and pushes a political agenda with little to no evidence backing it. As someone who grew up watching Bill Nye, I miss his old stuff. I can hardly recognize this new Bill Nye at all.

    Let’s hope Bill takes the criticism from season 1 and applies it to season 2.
    Talk science. Not politics (like the Bill Nye we grew to love).

  90. Hi Expecto Patronum :p

  91. Add me: Donny Pie :D

  92. Haha thanks xD
    Glad you liked it. Premium content is being added with original OGC shows 8)

  93. They did not. It still works, yay! :D

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