The most common terms used in HighRise App

HighRise has a language of its own. And I’m not talking about coding. People chat differently. You might have noticed this. They say and do things that are uncommon and you might ask yourself, “what the hell does OOTD mean?” Well, ask no further because I’m here to help you understand all the cunning lingo these HighRise players have been using. Check it out:

  • PT= Party Time
  • NTY = No Thank You
  • TY = Thank You
  • SF = Store Front
  • LF = Looking For
  • OOTD = Outfit of the Day
  • ROTW = Room of the Week
  • NFS = Not For Sale
  • HMU = Hit Me Up
  • NSB = No Starting Bid
  • SB = Starting Bid
  • PAG = Pageant
  • NS = No Sale
  • G = Gold
  • OPT = Overpriced Trade
  • G + OPT = Gold plus Overpriced Trade
  • WL = Wish List
  • TO = Taking Offer
  • HO = Highest Offer
  • PM = Private Message
  • PC = Price Check
  • CCC = Content Creator
  • ROTD = Room of the Day
  • Paperclip = Trading up (analogy to the trading-up starting from a pen to a mansion story)

I know, I know. It was confusing for me, too, at first. But after while, I began to understand how things work. Unfortunately, since HighRise is so heavily involved with trading items; there can be a lot of words that are difficult to understand. I hope this post has helped you. And maybe I’ll see you using some of the slang I mentioned here.

As always, thank you for reading.

Leave a comment if I left any out!

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