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Game of the Week: BucketBall 2



Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day, even if you didn’t get the day off school… I myself had a whole weekend without my parents, and no I didn’t throw a house party… actually I basically ate popcorn for every meal and watched way too much Soul Eater. So yeah.

Anyways, let’s cut to the chase. This week’s game is BucketBall 2. This is a Puzzle game suggested by MarMar. In this game, the objective is very simple: You must move the balls into their corresponding buckets. No mess and no confusing plotline.

This game is fairly laptop-friendly, but there is a bit of click and drag motion. Nothing big, though, so a trackpad should be no problem.

Here are some tips: (brief, but they should be enough to get you started)

  • In the event that you shoot a ball into the wrong color bucket, it will just bounce out again, even if the correct ball is already in place. In some levels, this can be used to your advantage… in others, not so much.
  • Water will weigh your ball down. If you’re aiming up high, don’t land your ball in any water.
  • Drag your ball around on the ground to get it into a good position.
  • Those little star things you see in my screenshot are portals that will transfer the ball between each point on the screen. Shoot the ball into the portal in the same direction you want it to come out, and you’ll be all good.
  • Be creative with the way you bounce your balls off the walls.

Okay, then. Go put some balls in buckets. (Gosh, I don’t have a way with words. I’ve got to come up with something better… Hey, it’s kind of like soccer. Only, 2-D. Yeah! Go play some 2-D soccer! No.. it’s more like basketball. Argh! I give up!)

Have a suggestion? Leave me a comment, send me a message, or use telepathy. (Kidding; I’m still developing my telepathic powers. It would come in too fuzzy.) I won’t be able to feature every game immediately, but I’ll take all suggestions. (Like this game. I used to hate this game. Make me hate less.)

Also, does anyone have any suggestions to make me remember to categorize and tag my posts? I always forget… I might (might) give a special something to the person with the best idea.

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